Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence


Our clients have created conversational AI solutions that can help in their contact center delivery, resulting in exceptional CX. Our AI solutions include predictive analytics, faster implementations which is secure and scalable. We have an AI-based Sales Team, Newsroom, and Customer Services solutions that can be customized as per the client’s need. 

We can make two types of AI-based machines, which are

Reactive Machines

As the name suggests, they cannot create memories or use information learned to influence future decisions. They can react to present situations only. It is the simplest level of robot.

Limited Memory

These machines will retain some information learned from observation of the previous events or data. They can build knowledge using the same observations in conjunction with pre-programmed data.

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Artificial Intelligence is a broad-based term under which we can explain the varied types of technologies required for a machine to learn from experience, adapt to new inputs and perform human-like tasks. Most AI will require machine learning, big data, or natural language processing to become high-functioning machines. We can create differentiation by the level of intelligence embedded into an AI machine or a robot like the chess-playing robot or a self-driving car. At Webdriver, we make sure to create AI solutions for our clients to smartly manage their businesses.

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