Application Testing

Application Testing


Application testing is done to enhance the quality of your applications so that you can reduce costs, maximize ROI and save time in the development phase. We run your application through Appium, Espresso, XCUITest, and EarlGrey on 2000+ physical mobile and tablets, not just on device labs. We also perform the reliability test on a real device cloud of iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Pixel Nexus, and other Android devices. 

Our testers will outline a plan to test your application thoroughly by taking the following steps 

  1. Create a test plan as per the requirements
  2. Develop manual test case scenarios keep in mind the end-users. 
  3. Use scripts to automate the test scenarios. 
  4. Functional tests are undertaken to validate that the app is running as per the requirements.

About Service

Mobile application testing is done to check the efficacy of the application by testing it against various applications. This testing aims to check the functionality and usability of the application before it is officially launched in the markets. Our professional testers will perform test case execution and exploratory QA testing for our clients’ app to ensure it runs well.

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