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CRM or Customer Relationship Management


A company’s relationship with its customers is significant to monitor to ensure repeat customers. CRM plays a vital role in ensuring this. CRM software connects your sales, marketing, technical support, customer support, and with your customer information and interactions. It helps in not only keeping records but in formulating marketing strategies as well.

AI Chatbot

The Webdriver software syncs up the chatbots with not only your CRM but with your marketing software, email service provider, and so on. It helps you sync all your information in one place and reduces a lot of time and manual labour.

Customer Engagement

A good CRM software is known to increase Customer Engagement multiple times and reduce churn rate significantly. CRM is an indispensable part of your organization’s growth. It is much easier to retain old customers than to acquire new ones.

About Service

CRM or Customer Relationship Management means managing and administering a company’s relationship with its customers in an organized manner. Webdriver can help you design a central place to store customer data, track customer interactions, and share customer information with other people.

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