How can AI transform agriculture?


Agriculture drives the nation and its economy, we are what we eat, and we eat because we
learned agriculture ages ago. Artificial Intelligence is what we learned in the past few years. It
has the power to absorb data at a far greater capacity than humans and has a lot of applications
in our day to day life. One of those is that AI can make decisions, give conclusions based on
data it has amassed, all with the directive to gain maximum results. Let us understand why AI
plays a crucial role in agriculture.

Why AI is important for agriculture

Farmers face many challenges in their process to cultivate crops and yield better results. With
the technological advancement of AI, we can merge our knowledge in agriculture and AI to
understand market demand, soils, seeds, climate effect and much more. With so much big data
around, AI can use it to come up with the best course of action and initiate said action when
applied with other technologies. New Technology can seem doubtful to partake or to haunt to
apply, but with proper help, Al can yield better crops for farmers and our society.

How AI can help you

AI Brings Cost Saving

Every day, farmers are surrounded by data pertaining to their soil condition, water usage,
fertilizers, temperatures. Getting this rigorous amount of data and then adapting it for precision
agriculture can help farmers grow more crops with fewer resources.

It is the best way to maximize efficiency with minimized spending when it is coupled with
Artificial Intelligence. When AI is used with sprayers, these intelligent sprayers can effectively
spray the fertilizers when the time is appropriate, thus reducing the overall costs of chemicals
used and improving agricultural productivity.

Tackles the Labour Challenge

Labour work is tough and agricultural work is about labour, but we can change that, improve
that with effective AI application. Managing labour can be tough, but with AI automation, farmers
can deal with the labour challenge.
Robotics instruments are used in this scenario to do bulk harvesting, driverless tractors, smart
irrigation, smart sprayers and fertilizing systems.

Artificial Intelligence can be used with sensors to harvest crops and fruits at a ripe time. AI-
driven work can be faster, shorter and quicker when compared to human labour. When there is
a shortage of labour, this automation can always be relied upon.

Enables effective Decision Making

AI is the most effective when it comes to analyzing data, with predictive analysis, analyzing
market demands, forecasting prices, and determining harvest and sowing can be determined by
farmers. Farmers can collect and process data efficiently and faster when it comes to AI in
comparison to without AI applications.

By applying big data, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, farmers can best pest
infestation, estimate output and yield and soil health insights, provide recommendations of
pesticide usage and overall demand level. All this can, when coupled together, can allow
farmers to make a decision that leads to maximum results from their agriculture practice.

Improved Storage and Safety

Being able to manage and store is time-consuming and costly when done manually. But
combined with the power of machine learning and Artificial intelligence, farmers can easily
determine where to sort the products without much human involvement. During periods of
agriculture, the post-harvest system during which the products are kept in such a way as to
guarantee food security.

Artificial Intelligence has many practical applications in our society, but when merged with our
agriculture practices, it can be a boon to farmers. AI can be used by farmers to get effective
results, keep the farm working and going without stepping into the farm if need be.

Managing a farm and updating it with automation will lead to a sharp edge in agricultural
development. Farmers can maximize profits when compared otherwise. With WebDriver,
Artificial Intelligence can be integrated to get a competitive and developmental edge, make
decisions that will help farmers and shape the world while doing so.

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