How to Increase Online Sales and Customer Engagement


A number of tools and techniques need to be deployed in order to get your customers thinking about you and your products. The key factor is that those efforts need to work in a cohesive way. We want to talk to you about how to create an offer(event/product/service) that your customer can take advantage of and how to put the offer at the center of your entire marketing mix.

This is a great way to generate micro-conversions or smaller conversions. We have created an excellent process that’s going to get you to think about taking that offer and putting it in the middle of everything that you do with multichannel offers. This will certainly help you to increase online sales and boost customer engagement.

Customer Engagement

Let’s say, You’ve got a customer, and you want to engage that customer and tell them about your products. But in order to engage that customer, one of the things that you want to do is you want to create an offer. 

An offer is something that you can use online to get their interest. A couple of examples of an offer might be a free sample of your product. It could be something that you can offer to a customer to come in and download. There’s also the option for an event inviting them to an event where they can learn something. A class is another example, a quiz or a free session.

Either way, all of these offers would have landing pages of these specific landing pages, allow the person to come in and to engage with you in a micro way so that they can learn about your business. These channels will be any way you can find to connect to your audience – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, Email, website.

Now, the way you want to design this is around the thing that the customer is going to want to consume the most. But once you’ve made the offer and once you have this offer, what do you do with it? Well, We would challenge you to think a little bit bigger with it and also think multichannel – Use many channels to get your customers’ attention. 

Quizzes and Giveaways

Using the quiz as one of the offers is an awesome way to engage somebody. What’s the main pain point that people want to learn about from your industry that is going to encourage them to want to come in and take a quiz, generally something where they can find out something about themselves, for example, in the marketing space. Are you really a good digital marketer? Take this quiz to find out. Or Can you be a good Web Developer? Click to find out.

You can fire pop-ups on your website. Advertise your products. Make the offer fun and entertaining to allow them to think about you again later in the day. You can also launch giveaways and competitions. They have the potential to get your information to people your marketing efforts could barely reach. These are proven methods of generating huge customer engagement.

Email Marketing

You can send the offers out through your email newsletter. You have a multichannel approach to promoting this offer, this landing page for this quiz/content that you’ve created. And based on that, you have developed multiple channels that have a cost per acquisition for this offer that then leads further down into what would become a macro conversion for that product or service you are selling. Obviously, you’re going to want to set up an email and ad nurturing sequence.

Chatbot and 24*7 Customer Support 

A chatbot is a great way to connect with people who come to your website. The researches have shown that companies with 24*7 human customer support have performed extraordinarily as compared to the business hour or support forum features by companies. 

That’s it for how to create an offer today that your customer would love and then how to syndicate different places online and put it at the center of your marketing. At Webdriver, We use multiple channels to help you engage with your audience better, ranging from Email Marketing to SEO. Reach out to us for reaching your marketing goals

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