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With Linux comes the ability to modify, enhance the code for any purpose, making Linux easier to work with and open to multiple applications as it is an open-source code. Security comes in-built with Linux because every program you install needs password verification. A Linux system rarely slows down or freeze, and neither collects much user data, which provides stability or privacy to the operating system.

With WebDriver, your Linux development is hassle-free and efficient. Our Linux operating system includes:


The core of the operating system that manages system resources and communicates with the hardware. It is responsible for memory, process, and file management.

System User Space

It includes the command line, daemons, background process, interface the user interacts with, desktop environment, configuration and software install.


From desktop tools, programming language multiuser business site, Linux offers a centralized dashboard to download additional apps.

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Linux is an open-source operating system that powers the web, our infrastructure, and many of the largest supercomputers in the world. Each Linux operating system comes with a Linux kernel; kernels are the core of an operating system that handles the most complex data. Linux developers pride themselves on constant improvement; many applications like Mozilla Firefox, ubuntu, phones run on Linux.

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