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1. Are you following these practices to sync your SEO with the development process?

SEO and web development teams need to forge a good relationship among themselves to make sure their web development strategies align with SEO. Having unique Title tags, ensuring the website loads quickly and safely, and making sure that the website is mobile-friendly are ways to increase a website’s ranking and improve its customer experience immensely.

2. Burger King is the king of marketing!

Burger king stands out from its competitors using some simple but effective marketing strategies. They are honest to their customers, tweet casual and witty content, and stay on top of trends. They highlight why people should choose them over others and use their competition to develop funny marketing campaigns. 

3. Are you making some of these digital marketing mistakes? 

Digital marketers often make mistakes due to wrong assumptions based on the data available to them. This includes not looking at a significant timeframe, not considering times that are best for industry, ignoring offline activity, not considering engagement from all channels, prioritizing the right metrics, making decisions on wrong data, or assuming that you can measure every aspect of the market.

4. Fast forwarding the business scene with AI

AI has huge benefits for businesses, such as better customer experience and smarter insights. One of its key advantages includes reducing the time taken for deriving such insights using various tools like sentiment analysis, machine learning, and much more.

5. Can the removal of rich result appearances from the Google Search Console affect your traffic?

Google has decided to retire generic “rich results” out of the search console, as it states that there are already 19 search appearances available in the performance report. Although the generic rich results were the best at its time, they had become outdated. Read the article to know if it affects the traffic?

6. If your website isn’t geo-tagged, here’s what you are missing out on

As customers keep relying on local shops even after the growth of online shopping, Geo-tagging has become one of the most important features for small businesses. You miss customers with an actual intent to buy and a lot more if your site still doesn’t have it yet.

7. Are you ready for the latest Google  I/O update about shopping, search, and all things digital?

From the launch of the new language model, LaMDL, to allowing screenshots saved in google photos accessible through Lens, Google I/O had many updates. Along with new “idea pins” for Pinterest, here’s all you need to know about the meeting.

8. Forecasts of Spend Growth of over USD 276.34 Billion in web hosting service – Here’s all you need to know about it

Due to the impact of covid and new arising opportunities, Market Procurement Intelligence Reports clears the air on topics like current market price trends, how to identify the right suppliers, KPIs to evaluate, and suggests growth of $276.34 billion in hosting services. Read the article here for more insights.

9. Finding Inspiration for Web Design: Here Are Five Tips That Nobody Will Tell You. 

Don’t know how to keep up with the latest designing trends? From exploring the best portfolio sites, analyzing your competitors, experimenting with elements outside your industry, conscious rebranding, and color assessment to incorporating animation and interactive components, here are five unmissable tips to upgrade your designing game like never before.

10. This Latest iOS App Is Helping the Corporate Sector Bring Back Efficiency in the Work from Home Era

‘Task: to-do lists and reminders’ is an iOS productivity app created by Indian app developer Mustafa Yusuf that assists you in all your organization needs. With task import facilities and simple one-tap setups, this latest apple app store also facilitates workspace collaboration in the age of Pandemic.

11. IBM I Latest Trends: What’s Next In 2021 For the Developer Giant 

From the best tools and resources to technologies and trends that will leave a mark In a recent interview, industry expert Greg Patterson of Fresche reveals what’s coming soon from IBM I, and what to expect in the web development world.

12. Microsoft EVP Rajesh Jha Reveals Why Microsoft Teams Is the Pioneer of The App Development Era 

With the rise in the need for collaborative digital workspaces, Microsoft EVP Rajesh Jha expresses that Microsoft Teams is best equipped to tackle remote-work era issues and redefine modern-day productivity. Calling this the ‘era of collaborative apps’, Jha states why all app developers should keep teams in mind while working on upcoming applications. 

13. JavaScript and SEO: Google Busts All Myths and Here’s What Developers Should Know

Wondering how JavaScript influences the SEO of a website? Google’s resident JavaScript expert Martin Splitt recently confirmed that as JavaScript-generated content and static content are primarily built, Google cannot spot content generated by JavaScript, except edge cases.


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