SDK Development

SDK Development
SDK Development


Building an app without an SDK means building it from scratch; with an SDK, you can create new tools and get pre-built functionality for creation. Once the new features are compatible, you can add them too to the new system. Increased performance of your app then evidently increases your reach and user engagement.

Application Programming Interface (API) is an interface that allows the software to software interaction. API is included in SDK for integrating new mobile apps or projects at the source text level, reduces the number of codes the developer has to write, and creates consistency across apps.

The content of an SDK varies from manufactures, depends on whether it is designed for an operating system, programming language, or hardware component.

WebDriver SDK contains the tools needed in the development process and interface to connect software, they are:

API (Application Programming Interface)

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Creating an application is a hard task; with SDK, the process is easier. SDK stands for a Software Development Kit. It’s essentially a tool kit provided by the manufacture of hardware platform, operating system, or programing language. Just like putting model planes, WebDriver SDK provides the tools to create an app.

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